DESTINED TO FLOURISH is a course written by women for women. We believe that every life matters and that every person has worth and value.  More than that, this course was written to show women that they have a purpose in life and that they can give back to the world all the amazing talents and gifts they have been given.  

The more we have worked with women over the years we have realised that we all struggle with the same kind of things even though we may come from very different backgrounds, and cultures and may have had very different experiences in life.

The course looks at:


The course includes: 

  • Who am I and how do I tick?

  • What do I value in life?

  • Why comparison is damaging.

  • What does a “whole life” look like?

  • Why are boundaries important in relationships?

  • If my life has a purpose what is it?

  • How can I live the life I want to?

Feedback from the 'DESTINED TO FLOURISH' Courses

“How I see myself now on week 6 is a lot different to how I saw myself on week 1”

“I have learnt that I am powerful and can achieve my goals.”

“I learnt to like myself again.”

“I have learnt that I am unique and can achieve my goals. I feel more confident.”

“My opinion of myself has changed over this course.”