There are women in prison all over the world. We believe that whoever and wherever they are, each woman, each life, is precious and valuable, and that each one needs to be given the same dignity, respect and opportunity to be empowered and equipped as the women here in the UK.

Sadly, this is not always the case.

KENYA 2017


We recently had the opportunity and an invite to go to Kenya and work with some of the ladies in a prison there. We were able to deliver the SHINE Course on two consecutive days to two groups of prisoners. It was a huge privilege to share with them and speak into their lives concerning their VALUE, STRENGTH and PURPOSE.

Just because they are imprisoned doesn't mean that they need be defined by their circumstances, situations or their past. We were able to tell them that they are valuable and have incredible worth. We reminded them that in Christ they have immense strength, as was displayed by the arm wrestling that they took part in! We were also able to remind them that they have limitless potential, and that they need to be planning for their future beyond bars even now whilst still inside, and that they can make a difference to the lives of those around them (even at present) as well as their families.

Prior to our visit we asked the prison what gifts we could bring that would benefit the ladies. They informed us that sanitary towels and underwear were most needed. We were able to take toothbrushes & toothpaste, sanitary towels & underwear, and hand cream for each prisoner. In addition each lady was given several scripture verses, a wooden decoration and a SHINE certificate.

After the course had finished one prisoner came and told us she was overwhelmed by the fact that people from the UK had taken the time to go and share with her, and the others and to express care, concern and love. She said that people in her own country do not visit. 

We praise God for the opportunity and pray that each woman will continually be reminded of all that they heard, and live in the truth of it. We pray too that the atmosphere and culture within the prison might change as the ladies value one another more and live hopeful lives.

The ladies from the Prison Choir gave us a great welcome.


Here are a few photos we took during our days there. Click on the photo.

Thank you to all those that helped by contributing practically with gifts, and also financially for this trip - we really appreciate it, and so did the ladies in Kenya.

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Many thanks.


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