Looking back on a busy week, the highlight really has to have been running the final session, Week 6 of the Shine course on Monday. 7 amazing women completed the course. We looked at 'My Life Has Purpose'. This is a really significant session. So many offenders really feel they have nothing to give, or nothing to live for as a result of being 'inside'. It's a joy and privilege to be able to fill them with positivity throughout the whole course, and tell them that they have worth, value and potential, and that the world wants to see them succeed and become 'FREE TO BE' whatever their hearts desire.

During the session the ladies complete a Dream Collage, collating and putting pictures together that represent what they want to do with their lives, the visions they have for their future upon release. One lady put lots of butterflies on hers, and said that butterflies have been transformed, and that she too had been through the process of transformation - powerful stuff.

It's my prayer that these ladies will go on and continue being transformed, living with a real hope and vision for the future, not defined by their past but FREE TO BE who they were intended to be, knowing their identity and living out their unique purpose.