Last week we saw our first ID volunteer come into one of the prisons. Sarah sat in on our Week 5 Shine session entitled 'I have potential!' Sarah said " I thought they were all so positive, it was really encouraging, one of the best groups I have sat in on."

We encouraged the ladies to believe that their potential is limitless, that they are the only ones that can stop them from achieving their dreams and goals.

"Your potential is really up to you. It doesn't matter what others might think. It doesn't matter where you came from. It doesn't even matter what you might have believed about yourself at a previous time in your life. It's what lies within you and whether you can bring it out." John Maxwell.

Only one more session of Shine to go, to impart positivity and belief into these precious ladies. What a privilege!

We also got dates in the diary for 5 more Shine courses, 5 Living With Loss courses and 5 Victim Awareness courses in various prisons. So, there is lots going on - watch this space!