Last Thursday we had the privilege of delivering the Shine Women course to ladies from the Luminary Bakery in London. It was a real joy to engage with them; to hear of their hopes and dreams for the future, and to be able to speak to them about knowing their value, strength and purpose. As women from disadvantaged backgrounds, it is so important that they grasp the fact that they have immense worth and potential, that they need not be defined by their past and that they can become all that they want to be in the future.

Here are some of the comments from the feedback forms:

"I enjoyed the course very much, had a wonderful day and will try to use these tools to improve my life."

"I think this course has helped me to feel very happy and better about myself."

"I found the course very informative, and it was enjoyable to learn.

To check out the great work that Kahaila and Luminary Bakery are involved with please visit their website: