I can't quite believe it's only 24 days until Christmas Day! Sorry, I couldn't resist that!

As I write this newsletter, we are beginning to wrap up some of the courses for this year - we are in the middle of our last Parenting Course with 7 ladies and have 1 more Shine course to deliver. It has been busy and we have worked with many wonderful ladies, and, as ever, it's been a real joy with a few challenges thrown in to keep us on our toes! Generally, we have had a busy summer but have seen much fruit from our labours.

As the Christmas season approaches, and we prepare for Carol services and celebrations, please pray we use all the opportunities to share about the love of Christ.
We are very grateful for all who support and follow our work - thank you for your prayers. Please continue to pray for us. 

In September & October several of the ID Course Facilitators received 'Counselling Skills for Non-Counsellors training' from RELATE. It was a really useful three sessions of training which will help us as we get alongside and advise ladies on a one to one individual basis. Two other prison ministries joined with us, and it was great to be able to share experiences and knowledge together. 

Please pray for those that we work amongst, that we will have opportunity to speak positivity, and life, and hope into their circumstances. Pray too for wisdom.

On Saturday 11 November we exhibited at NEW WINE Women's Conference at The Emmanuel Centre, London, meeting a number of ladies who showed interest in supporting us practically and through prayer. We thank God for this and future opportunities, being able to increase awareness of all those in prison and their needs. 

Next year we have plans to start delivering our courses in a third prison. We will be offering courses that deal with issues such as Loss, Forgiveness, Parenting, and Victim Awareness, as well as Shine Woman.

All these courses empower and equip the women we work with, and help them to make practical changes in their lives as well as help to change mindsets and thinking patterns which leads to transformed lives.

We are currently looking for businesses, churches or individuals to sponsor a course, or sponsor a prisoner to attend a course. Can you help?
If so, please click visit our Support Us page on the website.
Please pray for the funding we will need to deliver these courses.

More Prayer Requests
Thank you for your prayers - they truly make a difference and we are always so encouraged to know that people are praying for us on a daily basis.

  • Pray for those preparing to leave prison, that they will feel well supported and have everything in place in readiness to return to life outside. Pray for successful reintegration. 
  • Pray for those with faith, that they will be well nurtured during their time 'inside.'
  • A new Managaing Chaplain has been appointed in one of the prisons, pray they will settle quickly, and feel part of the team and we will all work together well.
  • Pray for those that attend Bible study each week, pray they will be encouraged in their faith as they trust and rely upon the Lord.
  • Praise God for all those that volunteer for ID in delivering courses, raising funds, doing the finances, and admin. Thank God for their willing hearts.
  • Thank God for the 7 ladies currently completing the Parenting Course - they work together well, share their experiences with one another and encourage one another - it is a joy to see. Pray they will learn new skills that will be effective once they are reunited with their children.
  • Please pray for the ID Trustees who meet in December - there is lots to discuss, pray for wisdom and that God's will might be done in and through ID as we look at plans for 2018.

We really do appreciate your support.
If you would like to contribute to the work of ID Prison Ministry, please click here.